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Jim Ziccarelli and his wife Nancy became
interested in ornamental copper sprinklers after Jim's dad gave them a sprinkler he had made as a gift. Little did they know at the time that crafting these unique works of art would become their future livelihood. Jim took one look at the sprinkler and having been a machinist for over 20 years, knew he could improve on the design and function. Each of his exclusive designs creates a wondrous optical illusion when it spins, yet is  a beautiful sculpture when not in use - Beauty and Function combined!

In 2010 we are celebrating our 12th year hand crafting our sprinklers.  Who knows where the next 10 years will take us?  We just have two words to say: "Thanks Dad"!
All works available for purchase online.  We take pride in our craftsmanship and are sure you will not find a better quality sprinkler for your money. We believe in our garden art and know you will be proud to own it, or give it as a gift.

Photographs just do not do justice to the  unique experience of seeing the sprinklers and other art in motion.  Each piece creates a dazzling optical illusion as it rotates, expanding and collapsing on itself.  Take a look for yourself...
Jim Zicarelli at work

Picture It Perfect attends many events during the year where their work is on display and available for sale.  This years schedule includes...

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