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Copper Sprinkler FAQs

Q: How tall are your copper water sprinklers?
A: The overall height is 48 inches.

Q: What is the area of coverage?
A: 10 foot diameter to a 30 foot diameter.

Q: What amount of water should I expect?
A: You should get 1 inch of water in 2 hours.

Q: What are the balls made of?
A: The balls are stainless steel, never fade, and are unbreakable.

Q: Where do you attach the hose?
A: The hose is attached at the base and comes with a standard brass hose fitting.

Q: How is your copper water sprinkler held into the ground?
A: We use 3 threaded bolts which grab the soil like hooks when pushed into the ground with your foot.

Q: How do I insert your copper water sprinkler into the ground?
A: By stepping on base where bolts are located and pushing straight down with your foot.

Q: Will the copper sprinkler head blow off?
A: No, we have a safety feature which prevents it from blowing off.

Q: Will the copper rust?
A: No, copper does not rust, but will turn brown like a copper penny then patina over time.

Q: How long does it take the copper garden sprinkler to patina?
A: We do not give a time frame, as it is dependent on minerals in your water and mother nature.

Q: Should I bring the copper garden sprinkler inside during Winter?
A: Yes, you should store your copper sprinkler in your garage or garden shed.