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Ornamental Copper Sprinklers

Copper Sprinkler & Lawn Art for Your Landscape

These individually hand crafted ornamental copper sprinklers will add beauty to your yard or gardenscape. Our exclusive sprinkler designs create an optical illusion as they spin, yet are a beautiful sculpture when not in use. These copper works of art make a thoughtful gift that will last for many years to come.

Handcrafted Sprinkler Designs

Jim crafts each personally designed sprinkler by bending each individual copper ring by hand. He then carefully drills each hole to ensure the sprinkler has a beautiful spray pattern that is mesmerizing to watch. Every design has a spray pattern that waters an area 10 feet to 30 feet in diameter. We make our own brass fittings to ensure durability and longevity. We have also added a feature that keeps high water pressure from blowing the sprinkler head off.



Three new sprinklers !!

Durable Hand Craftsmanship

Our base is designed to keep the sprinkler from falling over because we use three threaded bolts which grab the soil when pushed into the ground with your foot. The balls in our designs are stainless steel, never fade, and are unbreakable. Our exclusive designs feature an optical illusion as they spin, yet are a beautiful sculpture when not in use. The overall height of our sprinkler is 48 inches, which we found to be the optimum size for balance. Because of these features, you will have many years of enjoyment. As the copper ages, a beautiful patina will emerge. Functional art at its finest!

Warranty and Quality

We offer a one year warranty on our sprinklers, as we are confident of our workmanship. We take pride in our craftsmanship and are sure you will not find a better quality sprinkler for your money. We believe in our garden art and know you will be proud to own it or give it as a gift.

May we make one for you?

Galactic Gazer copper sprinkler
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garden galaxy sprinkler
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jazzy gyro copper sprinkler
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Our last two sprinklers have been discontinued, but may be available by special request. Please contact us to see if we have any left.
Spiral Dazzler copper sprinkler
Photo | Video
Terrestrial Tornado copper sprinkler
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